What is Fitii?

Fitii is the first true on-demand marketplace for personal trainers and fitness professionals!

Bringing the concept of services on demand to the fitness industry, Fitii allows clients to quickly and easily find a personal trainer near them, explore trainers’ profiles and connect to book training sessions.

Fitii also offers a comprehensive mobile based business management platform for personal trainers, gyms and studios.
It’s all your clients, scheduling, bookings and payments all in the one, easy to use platform.

Fitii is all about streamlining your fitness business, giving you the tools for success and improving your profitability.

How Fitii Works

Create your profile

Set up your rates, calendar and business information.

Connect with Clients

Invite your clients and leads to download the app and get connected.

Plan your Sessions

Create one off or reoccurring, private, small group or public group sessions.

No more fees

We take care of payment collection and all payment processing fees.

No more no-shows

Automated cancellation policy and
payment collection.

Clients find you

Let new clients come to you via the
Fitii Client app.

Real Time Calendar

Never miss another opportunity!

Let your clients see your calendar availability in real time! Life is busy, and sometimes it’s just too hard for clients to find a time that suits both your schedule and theirs.

With Fitii’s unique real time calendar, you will never miss another client opportunity to scheduling.

Clients can find an available time in your live calendar, book and pay for their sessions!


Put your credit card away…

Fitii Trainer is


Not for a limited time. Not for your first few clients. Not with a promo code.

No Deductions from your rates. No Merchant Fees.

No Subscriptions.

Simply, Free For Trainers.


It’s free!? What’s the catch?

No catch, Fitii PT is free for trainers and gyms to use. 

Even credit card processing and merchant fees are covered by Fitii and are not passed onto gyms or trainers who use the Fitii PT platform. 

Why? Well, we believe that you work too hard to have another company trying to put their hands in your pockets. That is why Fitii is all about helping fitness business make and retain more! That is, and always will be our focus.

Your clients however will notice a slight increase in your session rates. That is because, to cover credit card processing and merchant fees, as well as to keep our platform free for you to use, Fitii does add a small service fee of 5% to your rates. The service fee allows us to pay all payment collection fees including credit card fees, costs of distributing it to you, all SMS and platform costs, and to keep our platform free for trainers, forever. Our service fee is included in the final retail price shown on the client-facing app. 

Which app is for me?


Its colour coded!

Look for the GREY background icon for Fitii Trainers.

 Its for PTs, gyms and studios to manage their diary, collect payments and stay connected with your clients like never before. 

Look for the WHITE background icon for Fitii Clients.

 Its for clients and allows them to see your Real Time availability, book and pay for sessions with you and stay in touch!

Fitii For Trainers

Fitii For Clients

Gym & Studio Owners
Manage your Employees & IBO/Contractors

Managing your PT business has never been easier.

Simply sign up to Fitii Trainers as a Gym, and invite your Employee Trainers, Independent Business Owners and Contractors to create their Fitii Trainers profiles.

Once connected, Fitii allows you to keep track of your trainers, and set up the automatic collection of per session fees or commissions.

Fitii collects them all and pays your share directly into your account! No more manual reconciliation each month and no more merchant fees!

We’ll show you how

Check out how arrangements are made and all benefits it can bring to your team and business.

Any questions?